A Moment Of Humor In The Google + Press Fest: Top 10 Funniest Circle Names

So you’d have to be living under a rock not to be under seige from all of the coverage and buzz surrounding Google + right now.  It seems as though all the SEO & Social Media Digerati/pundits have clamped on to this puppy at lightning speed, and my personal opinion is that a whole lot of people in the biz were feeling that Facebook has become their dad’s AOL and they can’t run away from it fast enough.  But among the 2000 link bait posts out there talking about “The Top 10 Tips To Get The Most Out of Google +”, there was one tidbit I found that is really worth reading.

  Mashable’s Ben Parr recently asked his public circles: “What’s the name of your favorite Google+ circle?”   Here is my ranking of the top 10 best replies:

  1. Inbreds
  2. People I Call When I’m Dying or Arrested
  3. Ppl I’ve Kissed
  4. Ppl I Want to Kiss
  5. People I NEVER want to Kiss
  6. Guys Who Pissed Me Off in High School
  7. Purgatory
  8. More Bacon Than the Pan Can Handle
  9. Tila Tequila Wanna-bes
  10. Muggles


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